Meet Our Founder

JoDee's Story

Meet JoDee, a California native with a background in hospitality. In 2020 during the pandemic she was met with the decision of going back to the restaurant industry or starting something new. While brainstorming with her dog, Penny Lane, an idea came to mind to combine her love for animals and travel into a career. Thus, The Animal Transporter was born. She found an online platform to connect with breeders, rescue organizations, and families in need of animal transportation.

It wasn't long before she was hired by a family to take two dogs from Southern California to Washington State. Within a few short months and over 100,000 miles she had completed over 80 successful transports. With no plans of getting off the road anytime soon she has happily dedicated herself to providing exceptional care to animals across the United States. She goes above and beyond to make each transport as comfortable as possible for animals and their owners!